Fifth Day of Christmas, Kizakura Brewery, Kyoto Beer, Brown Ale.

Kizakura Brewery takes its name from a cherry tree variety that blooms later than others and has a yellow flower. This is different from other cherry blossoms which bloom white or light pink in the spring. Kizakura Brewery produces several lines of beverages. These are Lucky Brew, Kizakura Sake, Yuzu High-Ball, and Kyoto Beer. In 1995 the brewery that originally brewed sake began the Kyoto Beer brand.

Toasted malty sweetness. A smell of whole grain bread. No strong perception of hop bitterness. A quickly dissipating tan head leaves the thinnest tiny bubble head on the glass. Deep amber color that is very hazy. You can see distinct particles in the glass. This is really not to any style and not typical of the high quality of beers coming out of Japan. I’m not sure if the brewery didn’t filter the beer or the cans was shaken prior to pouring. Very dominant malt sweetness which is only broken up by a hop bitterness that gives the finish to the beer. A fuller body with a lingering sweetness after that taste.

I would pair this beer with a pork based ramen dish. As the temperatures drop in the winter months Ramen is seen as a staple for meals to warm your soul. The malty sweetness and toasty flavors will go well with pork or any beef used in the ramen broth.

Beer Information: Can, Canning Date (unknown), Expiration Date (06/23), Made from foreign malt, ABV 5%, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 28-30 SRM)

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