Eleventh Beer of Christmas, Chatan Harbor Brewery, Lager

The Eleventh Beer of Christmas brings us back to Okinawa where we started. Chatan Harbor Brewery started in 2016 and is part of the Terrace Hotel Group in Okinawa. The brewery is located just north of American Village on the west side of the island of Okinawa. American Village is a shopping area just outside one of the many American bases in Okinawa. The brewery has a ocean side restaurant alongside the brewery.

Light crisp aromas. Scents of white bread or crackers. Lager yeast aroma with a slight straw scent. Slightly woodsy hop scent is on the back end. Very clear yellow straw color. High white head that persist a good amount of time. There is a malty sweetness with a definite hop bitterness at the end of the sip. It is not a harsh bitterness but definitely gives a distinct finish to the malty sweetness of the sip. Light to medium carbonation on the mouth. There is a slight aftertaste of low bitterness on the tongue.

This light lager and crisp finish would pair with different seafood dishes. Something like steamed clams or muscles would pair well with this beer. The salty brine of the dish would be cut by the clean finish of the beer.

Beer Information: Can, Canning Date (unknown), Expiration Date (2023/05/28), Made from foreign malt/hops, ABV 5%, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 11-13 SRM)

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