Twelfth Beer of Christmas, Nanto Brewery Okinawa Sango Beer, Saison.

The final Beer of Christmas finishes off at a brewery in an Okinawa amusment park. Okinawa World is a registered tangible cultural property of Japan. This facility has a glass factory, reptile exhibit, cave and brewery. The Nanto Brewery uses water from this limestone cave to brew its beer. In addition to beer the brewery also makes Habu Liquor, a canned highball, awamori, and fruit liquor.

The beer has a fruity, slightly sour aroma. There is a slight earthy scent that could come from the hops. Medium white head that persist slightly before dissipating down to a thin layer on the top of the glass. Fruity flavors on the mouth with a slight hop bitterness to deliver a finish for the beer. Very high carbonation on the mouthfeel. The carbonation clears the palate of any flavors and readies the drinker for the next sip. Very clean finish, but a lingering citrus aroma on the mouth. Very crushable beer.

This beer would go well with a fruit plate. The tropical flavor of this beer would pair well with the fruit. Also the high carbonation will clear any fruity flavors that may linger.

Beer Information: Bottle, Bottling Date (unknown), Expiration Date (2023/04/07), Made from Japanese malt/foreign wheat/hops, Unfiltered. ABV 4.5%, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 14-16 SRM)

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