Sixth Day of Christmas, Coedo Brewery, Shikkoku, Black Lager

This Beer of Christmas has its roots in a produce company which started in 1975. Kyodoshoji Corp was looking for ways to reduce waste the company looked to make “low malt beer” from excess produce. In 1996 the company received their happoshu license which allowed them to make alcohol with little or no malt. In 1997 Kydoshoji Corp created Coedo Brewery and produced Benika, Imperial Sweet Potato Amber from excess Sweet Red Potatoes. This hipponshu is still offered in their beverage line up. Today how ever, we are trying their Black Lager. This beer is more of a traditional style made with malted barley and wheat.

Immediately on the nose there is a dark toasted bread aroma. With deeper inhales there is malt sweetness with light caramel scents. The tan head very quickly dissipates. Absolutely no residual head remaining. While it is not apparent in the glass there is a medium carbonation on the mouth feel. The Black Lager is a deep deep brown color almost black. The taste has a malt sweetness with crisp finish from the hops. There is no residual sweetness but a roasted aroma that lingers in the mouth. Medium carbonation on the mouth. The beer is very well balanced with a full attenuation.

I would pair this with smoked cheeses (Gouda) and meats. The toasted flavors would go well with the smoked foods and the lager yeast will clear the pallet between bites.

Beer Information: Bottle, Bottling Date (unknown), Expiration Date (23/05/22), Made from foreign malt and wheat malt, ABV 5%, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 36-39 SRM)

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