Fourth Day of Christmas, Karuizawa Brewery, The Karuizawa Beer, Clear

The Karuizawa Brewery takes its name from Karuizawa Japan. This mountainous region in Nagano Prefecture has long been a summer retreat area for the Japanese to escape the summer heat. Situated at the base of Mount Asame the cool temperatures have welcomed those that are trying to escape the summer heat. In 2011 the brewery was established by four staff from the Dover Distilling Company, a plant manager from Asahi Brewery, a research and development staff from Suntory, and a brewer from Kirin Brewery Company.

Malt sweetness with the distinct aroma of lager yeast. The smell of white bread is dominant over the glass. Golden yellow clear beer with a white head that dissipates to a thin layer of bubbles on the glass. Strong malt flavor with a semi-crisp finish from the hops added. A light malt sweetness lingers in the aftertaste. The beer is labeled as “clear” but it comes across as a maltier light lager. Medium carbonation felt on the sides of the mouth. There are not active carbonation bubbles in the class, but the carbonation is definitely felt in the mouth. The glass developed a great beer lace on the glass as the beer was consumed.

This would be a very good beer with fried foods. While tempura is found in Japan the food of Japan is normally seafood, rice and vegetables. Kentucky Fried Chicken does have a unique place in the Christmas Traditions of Japan. Like any good holiday tradition there is some mystery on how eating fried chicken at Christmas began in Japan. It can be assumed that Eventhough Japan is not considered a Christian Country they do celebrate Christmas in the secular sense. Like any culture celebrating the time is seen with indulging in foods and experiences that are more costly or special. For Japanese this would be treating themselves to a a western meal.

Beer Information: Can, Canning Date (unknown), Expiration Date (07/23), Lot Number 0912JE/+K, Made from malt from Canada, hops from Germany, corn, rice, and water from the base of Mt. Asama Karuizawa, ABV 5%, IBU 41, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 10 SRM)

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