Third Day of Christmas, Echigo Beer Company, Flying IPA

Echigo Brewing Company titles itself as the “Oldest Brewing Company in Japan”. In 1994 Japan revised their licensing requirements to operate a brewery. Before that year a brewery was required to produce 60,000 mL to receive a license. After 1994 the requirement was lowered to 6,000 mL. Uehara Seichiro received his liscense to operate a brewery in December of that year and then opened for business in February 1995. He opened a day before Ohotsuku Beer and thus claiming the title of “Oldest Brewing Company in Japan”. Uehara Seichiro came from a family of sake brewers and his family experience has helped him well in producing quality beers.

There is a hop bitterness that is dominant on the initial aroma after the pour. The hops are a slightly dank smell but not very pungent. Behind the hop aroma there was a slight malty sweetness. The beer is a crystal clear amber color with persistent white head. The taste gives a pronounced bitterness with a slight malty sweet flavor to curb some of the harshness of the hops. Eventhough the bitterness is pronounced there is not an unpleasant aftertaste. The hoppy aroma lingers in the nasal passage, but your tongue does not have a curling effect to it.

The aggressive hop bitterness would stand up well to any spicy dishes. IPAs are always a solid pairing with fish tacos, but other spicy dishes can also go well. Taking inspiration from the flying dragon on the can art I would think that it would be nice to pair with a Thai dishes.

Beer Information: Can, Canning Date (none given), Expiration Date (02/07/23), ABV 5.5%, IBU 55, SRM (none listed but would judge about an 8-10 SRM

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