Japan Beer Travels: Craft Beer Market

Realestate is expensive in Tokyo. So when you have to go down some sketchy back alleys to find a beer bar you don’t worry about your safety. By not being on the main drag The Craft Beer Market can have a small tasting room (20 seats) and 30 beers on tap. I went to try beers that I don’t think I could find anywhere else. I think I found them with a hazy IPA and a desert stout.

Y Market Brewing’s Green Tea Hazy IPA The beer had a nice full white head. The color was a golden straw with full haze. A pleasant ripe orange aroma came off the glass. In the aroma there was a slight maltiness. In the taste there was a citrus lemon flavor with a medium mouthfeel. The aftertaste has a slight lemon aroma that lingers on the back of the mouth. There is a slight creamy mouthfeel. As the glass warmed more of the herbal hops came through could be green tea. The beer was good but I could only enjoy one of them. Over time the citrus flavor built up to almost a cleaning solution sensation in your mouth.

Brewski’s Chocolate Strawberry Pear Vanilla Cake The beer was sold in a snifter glass which is appropriate for the 10% ABV. Although the alcohol level is very high for a beer there was only a faint alcohol aroma. A full mouthfeel coats the inside of the mouth. I detected notes of strawberry fruit flavors but could not pick out a pear flavor. There was light astringency but only enough that you would find in a dark chocolate. The finish is smooth with a lingering sweetness. While it was only a small pour it was about all that I can handle. Still enjoyable.

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