Flaviar Taste Tester: Brandy

Beer is primarily made with malted grain and liquor is that brewers beer put through a still to separate alcohol from the rest of the liquid. Brandy on the other hand begins as grapes which are fermented into wine. This wine is run through a still as well to create brandy. During Trans-Atlantic trade wine was distilled down to facilitate travel and by some records lessen the taxes paid. The intent was that when brandy arrived at its location water would be added to return the beverage to wine. Traders discovered that the wooden barrels that held the brandy would impart their own flavors to the beverage and not surprisingly customers enjoyed the stronger drink in the end. The three brandies that were in this taster kit came from three different regions and a variety of different years.

Delord; Bas Armagnac 25 Years Ago: French brandy. The smell of dark bitter chocolate comes across on the initial aroma. There is also a red grape juice aroma. A tannins aroma of lightly toasted caramel caries over previous aromas. On the mouthfeel there is a very spicy flavor in the taste. Very high heat on the tounge and mouthfeel. As the glass warms in your hand the smell of fruit flavor comes more across in the taste.

Ararat Akhtamar 10 year old: Arminian brandy. The smell of sweet sugar comes on strong from the glass. There is a sweet flavor of grape juice. There was a smooth mouthfeel. No harsh burn on the mouth with the taste. No lingering flavors.

Torres, 30 Jaime I: Spanish Brandy. Dark caramel aromas come on strong to start. There is also an aroma of fermented grapes. An earthy unlit cigar tobacco aroma is picked up as well. Smooth mouthfeel with a raisin aroma that comes back through the nasal cavity after the first swallow. The raisin like aftertaste lingers on the mouthfeel. Much deeper flavors like red grapes and deeper caramel aroma and flavors.

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