New Year Sake

Since celebrating New Years in Japan in 2017, my wife and I have made it a point to enjoy a toast of sake at the New Year. This year was no different except life got in the way and we ended up celebrating New Year’s Eve several days later. To be completely honest I am not certain this was sake. I do not speak Japanese and rely on Google Translate for my language needs. From that app I believe the ingredients listed red cabbage and sugar. So either we drank cabbage wine or Google Translate once again was creative in their translation. If you are familiar with this drink let me know what we celebrated the New Year with.

The drink has a clean aroma with a hint of cherry smells. The sake is mostly clear slightly pink cloud look. There are a few specks floating on the surface of the glass. This is most likely due to the flower blossom that is in the bottle. Sweet fruit like flavor. No burn of alcohol or any perception of alcohol level. Light mouthfeel with a sweet driven finish to the end of the sip. Not harsh aftertaste but a very slight sweetness lingers on the tongue. This is enjoyable as a single glass or two of sake as a celebration. For me it is too sweet to make this my drink for the night.

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