The Twelve Beers of Christmas

Since 2011, when we lived near San Diego, my wife and I would get twelve Christmas Beers and celebrate the Twelve Beers of Christmas. In a place like Southern California it was not hard to find a dozen beers that were holiday related. Flash forward ten years and we have just arrived to Japan from the East Coast and we are trying to maintain our holiday customs. This years twelve beers are not all holiday related, but I tried to tie them into the holidays anyway. Hope you enjoy.

2 responses to “The Twelve Beers of Christmas”

  1. […] the beginning of the year I wrote a series of post on the Twelve Beers of Christmas. In that series I wrote about twelve beers and provided a food pairing with each one. Several […]


  2. […] Christmas I received Helios Brewery’s Santa Beer a Christmas Beer. A mix of working through the Twelve Beers of Christmas and just forgetting it was there I found myself with a Christmas Beer in April. Helios is a brewery […]


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